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New Heinlein Award Announced

HOUSTON - The Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust (HPT) have created a new Heinlein award class for an individual or individuals that have developed space-tested technology used to benefit space commercial activities.

“As opposed to the Heinlein Prize, which is a substantial award given to individuals with proven and practical achievements in the field of commercial space, the new Heinlein Award recognizes smaller, but no less important technical accomplishments in space,” said HPT Trustee Arthur M. Dula. “And what better day to announce the new award than today on Robert Heinlein’s birthday.”

Winners of the Heinlein Award will receive a diploma and monetary award.

“By creating a new class of prize the Trust will incentivize the public to bring such technical accomplishments to the Trust’s attention in order to win the award,” explained Mr. James M. Vaughn, HPT Trustee.

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